New Trumpets Incoming!

This month marks two years since I have started at Paige’s Music and I am so proud of how we have grown our presence in the trumpet community through our awesome videos, new accessories, and even the new trumpets that we are carrying! With all of that said, this month could be the biggest yet! We are so excited to have more custom and professional trumpets in stock than ever before with more coming over the next few months!

Over the last few years, I’m sure you’ve heard about the changes being made up at Bach/Conn Selmer. We are so excited to have some of their B-flat and C trumpets alongside the iconic Conn Vintage One in stock!

This month we should also receive some of the custom C Trumpets from Yamaha that are very hard to get! Additionally, Shires has quickly ascended to being one of the most sought-after trumpet brands in the trumpet community. Over the next few months, we’ll be getting more of their custom line trumpets.

So, please watch our social media and YouTube channel for announcements on these incredible instruments and their availability. If you are interested in knowing more specifics about what we have in stock or will be getting, feel free to reach out to me personally. We are so excited to have these instruments in stock for our valued customers to come in and try them out!

How to Make the Most Out of Summer Break

Now that summer break has officially begun, you might be wondering, “What should I do with my instrument over break?”, “Do I really NEED to practice this summer?”, or “What can I do with music that’s not summer marching band?”. While some schools offer summer activities for students, there are other important things to consider during the break to set yourself up for success in the next school year!

1. Get a Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) on Your Flute

Summer is the perfect time to bring your flute into our repair shop for a Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA). Getting your flute serviced once per year keeps it in great condition, allowing you to play your best throughout the year. Our expert repair technicians will take excellent care of your flute. Simply bring your flute into our store, check it in with our sales staff, and pick it up a week later. Your flute will play like a dream!

2. Take Time to Rest

It’s called “Summer Break” for a reason! Take some time to rest and enjoy activities that bring you joy. Resting will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to start the new school year. Discover a new hobby, spend time with friends and family, go on vacation, and do whatever makes you happy!

3. Remember to Get Some Practice Time In

While taking a short break from your instrument is beneficial, you don’t want to stop playing altogether during the summer. Not practicing can make you backtrack, and when the school year starts, you might feel rusty. Playing something fun during the summer can help maintain your skills. There are countless online sources for flute music, including free ones. Find music you enjoy and practice that!

4. Look into Private Lessons

Summer is a great time to start private lessons. This can give you a head start for the next school year, and there is usually more availability in studios during the summer months. Working with a private teacher can greatly expand your skills. One-on-one sessions with a flute specialist allow you to focus on areas you might not have time for during band class. Good news! We have a convenient page on our website to help you find local teachers: Find a Teacher.

5. Go See a Concert

With all the extra free time during summer, why not check out some live music? Attending a concert—whether it’s classical, pop, rock, or any genre you like—can be a great way to get inspired without practicing your instrument. Many orchestras, concert bands, and other music groups offer free concerts throughout the summer.

3rd Annual Tuba & Euphonium Day Recap

It’s been almost a month, and I am still basking in the afterglow of the Third Annual Tuba & Euphonium Day that took place here at Paige’s Music on April 27. To call the event a success would be selling short my feelings about it, so let’s just give it a quick recap.

This year saw the largest assortment of tubas and euphoniums the store has ever seen at one time – from Yamaha, Shires, Willson, and Eastman, many instruments were brought in specifically for people to try out at Tuba & Euphonium Day (huge thanks to Eastman Music Company for coordinating so many different horns).

We welcomed Scott Sutherland to the store as our guest artist for this year’s event. From the very beginning, Scott showed just how incredible a musician and all-around human being he is, working with players of all ages to demo instruments all day with knowledge, friendliness, personal attention, and most of all a genuine enthusiasm that never waned.

The day culminated in Scott giving a clinic on incorporating technology into a musician’s daily routine – whether it’s in the practice room, onstage, or in a DIY recording studio. He accompanied this with a live performance that married his own (awesome) YouTube videos with in-person playing. (Did I mention his YouTube content is awesome? Seriously, check it out if you haven’t. There was even an impromptu, surprise (even to me) performance by yours truly of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Scott accompanying on piano (yes, he plays piano, too – and beautifully).

Take Your Sound to the Next Level with Paige’s Music Premier June Sale!

Are you ready to elevate your musical journey? This June, Paige’s Music is excited to help you upgrade your instrument with our exclusive Premier June Sale. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an experienced player looking to enhance your sound, we have an incredible offer just for you.

New Ligatures Now in Stock at Paige’s Music

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our inventory of ligatures! For those who might not be familiar, a ligature is a small but crucial piece of equipment for woodwind players. It secures the reed to the mouthpiece, directly influencing the sound and playability of the instrument. Here at Paige’s Music, we understand the importance of having the right ligature to match your playing style and needs. That’s why we’re excited to introduce three new ligatures to our collection:

GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: “Beethoven x Beyoncé” with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

GIRLS! They run the world…. they turn up the night… and if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it! This newest fusion production by Steve Hackman celebrates and elevates all things woman!

We’re thrilled to partner with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) to bring you an unforgettable evening with “Beethoven x Beyoncé,” a part of ISO’s groundbreaking Uncharted Series. Imagine the exhilarating combination of classical music’s King and pop’s Queen, as Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, one of the most joyful celebrations of dance in the symphonic repertoire, sets the stage for an innovative musical fusion.

Flute Bag vs. Flute Case – Which One is Right for You?

One of the perks of being a flute player is that you get the option to choose from several cool-looking bags and cases specifically made for your instrument. When you have all these options, how do you know what style is the right choice for you? My goal is to help you gain some clarity on this question! Below, I will compare two popular products: Fluterscooter Bags and Protec Slimline Flute Cases. These are two very different styles but are great products to consider when buying accessories for your flute!

Dr. Josh’s End Of Year Check List


As the school year comes to an end, we want to make sure you know what to do with your student’s instrument and share some things that Paige’s Music has to offer! Below you will find two checklists. One is if your student is continuing in band next year, and the other is if your student is not going to continue next year. Please remember that your rental agreement with us is rent-to-own. So, if your student is going to be in band next year, you do not want to return the instrument, as you will lose all the payments you have made towards the ownership of the instrument and will have to either restart the agreement in the fall or pay for the summer months to reinstate the contract.